@wassim Looking great!
Do you mind sharing what type of camera you're using above the monitor? And what's that little screen above it, a teleprompter?

@patrickbrosset The camera is the Sony A6400 with a 16mm Sigma 1.6f (crop factor 1.5). That monitor on top of the camera is the Neewer 5" 4k monitor for the camera 👍

@wassim How did you set the crop factor? I'm setting up a Sony A6000 with a Sigma 16mm f/1.4 but the zoom level seems wrong. Would cropping help me, or maybe I should switch to 1.6?

@wassim That monitor be wiiiiiiiiiiide 🤩 What exactly is the monitor <?> that appears attached to the keyboard? Never seen that form factor before…

@xmetal That's the Kwumsy K2 mechanical keyboard with built-in 12" touch screen.

That looks phenomenal!
I have plans to replace my current sloppy 3-monitor setup with a curved ultrawide like yours.

Would you be willing to share details about your gear? ... Brand and model, etc.

I'm especially interested in that keyboard.

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