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@cnishina repainting and modding this RK84 Pro keyboard in black and white to match my office design. Here is the final result 🔥

Getting ready for a long bike ride with Naya! I'm extremely fortunate to be able to spent quality time with my 3yo girl 🤗

Writing a complete LL(1) TAP parser for the new test runner in
Node.js was a fun journey and marks my 1st major contribution to node core. Many more to come 🎉

Remember that 80% of the success of any job is based on your ability to deal with people.

Hi, I'm Wassim, an working on helping developers build a faster Web. I love teaching about the Platform, technologies, and .

Let's connect 👋

Imagine if you could:
- open VS Code
- write some
- install and setup
- compile to
- create a serverless function
- deploy to the Cloud


This is the future of Web development. Start now!

GIF is pronounced the same as JIF.
SQL is pronounced the same as Sequel.
JSON is pronounced the same as Jason.
Deno is pronounced the same as Dee-noh.
YAML is pronounced the same as Pain.
nginx is pronounced the same as Engine X.

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